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Why work with me?

I am a millennial mom who understands this large and important target market. I know what others like me want to see to encourage purchasing behavior. I have been creating content for my personal brand for almost two years and have developed my skills to include UGC.

My goal is to include a diverse range of products in my work because I'm interested in many things. I can provide a fresh perspective for your brand to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

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Why UGC?

UGC (user-generated content) allows brands to connect with consumers in an authentic way by using real people to promote their products. It has been shown that people trust content created by other people just like them over brand-created content.

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Social campaigns that integrate UGC experience a 50% increase in engagement

70% of consumers consider UGC reviews or ratings before purchasing

UGC is deemed 9.8 times more influential than influencer content in the decision-making process

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